5-Function Hydraulic

The manipulator is a DSSI/Hydrolek 5-function electro-hydraulic manipulator, a field proven, robust, highly functional, heavy duty manipulator designed jointly by DSSI and Hydrolek. The manipulator is mounted on the forward starboard side of the vehicle and can be tucked away under the pan and tilt unit out of view of the cameras when not in use. It includes a 6‑function valve pack and hydraulic pump and is controlled from a manipulator control box over an RS-232 channel provided by the ROVís fiber-optics remote control and telemetry system.

44-lb (20-kg) lift capacity
Jaw open and close
360į continuous wrist rotate
Jaw pivot
Arm pivot
Rotate entire arm
1 spare hydraulic function - (basket in/out)
Soft Line Cutter
The manipulator jaw incorporates a twin bladed rope cutter which is capable of cutting soft line up to 19 mm diameter.
Wire Rope Cutter
The optional wire rope cutter is a Webtool WC38 cable cutter and Sherex Industries LTD hydraulic intensifier capable of cutting 1.5-inch diameter cable. Cutting is accomplished with a steel guillotine blade that is driven hydraulically through the cable and is either spring or hydraulically returned. The hydraulic intensifier provides the required hydraulic working pressure.
Sample Basket

A sample basket allows capture of marine organisms. The basket is extracted and retracted with the spare hydraulic function. When extracted, it is open both at the top and at the bottom; when extracted, it is closed and out of view of the cameras.

Up to 6 Spare Hydraulic Functions

Up to six additional hydraulic functions are available for additional tools.