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The Global Explorer ROV system is a unique underwater science and survey tool that has demonstrated outstanding performance in high resolution digital and HDTV imaging and geological and biological sampling.  It is extremely reliable and capable of precise maneuvering in shallow and deep water operations.  The Global Explorer has made numerous dives exceeding 9000'.   

The system has a low overall weight and uses modular components, making it highly mobile and economically transportable by air using common aircraft with side load capability such as the Boeing 737‑200.  It can also be transported on land by rail or truck in a single 40' container.

deep sea
deep sea rov
deep sea rov
deep sea rov
deep sea rov
deep sea rov
Available for short term and long term lease
Can be quickly mobilized in just hours for emergency response
Total system weight of 25,000 lb
Deep and shallow water science and survey
Tethered free swimming or towed operation
10,000-ft vehicle depth rating

Emergency Response Operations

The Global Explorer is available for emergency response operations. The system is highly mobile and can be deployed rapidly to remote locations.

Downed aircraft

For emergency operations call
(508) 540-6732 or (508) 548-7155

Submarine rescue

Emergency salvage
Emergency recovery

Configurable for Specific Science Surveys

The Global Explorer can be configured for science and exploration surveys in accordance with specific lease requirements and equipped with biological and geological sampling tools for most any marine science application.


Radiation and or chemical spill

Configurable for Pre and Post Work Surveys

The sonar and imaging systems available on the Global Explorer, and its demonstrated agility and maneuverability, provide the tools required for pre and post pipeline lay surveys. The system has proved highly capable in pre-pipe laying biological surveys in the Gulf of Mexico.

Operate as a Maneuverable Tow Sled
In addition to shallow and deep water ROV operations, the Global Explorer can be operated as a maneuverable tow sled to cover large areas in search and survey operations. The armored cable is attached directly to the vehicle from the winch and the vehicle is towed in shallow or deep water. Floats attached to the armored cable near the vehicle neutralize the cable weight to allow the vehicle to be stopped at any time and operated normally as an ROV.
Light Weight and Modular for Air Transport

The two heaviest components of the Global Explorer ROV system are the vehicle and the winch. The winch includes armored cable, a clump weight and neutral tether. For shallow water operations, the system weight can be nearly halved by using a hand tended neutrally buoyant tether.

See system weights here.

At Sea Operations

A 4-person crew is recommended for a 1012 hour day.  Operating personnel are provided by Deep Sea Systems International, Inc.  Properly qualified personnel may instead be provided by the lessee by prior agreement with DSSI.  However, in all cases at least one DSSI representative is required to be a member of the crew for the full period of the lease.


Precision Navigation Services
DSSI can assist in locating a navigation service contractor that can provide an integrated precision navigation system for tracking of the Global Explorer ROV and the support vessel.  The system would use the vehicle position data provided by the Trackpoint IIC system.